"  Doing all mechanical inspection and follow up for all industrial machines.
     "  Doing all vibration measurements, analysis and, diagnosis.
     "  Doing all machine balancing jobs.
     "  Doing all alignments of all coupling trains.
     "  Doing all preventive maintenance programs and creating the entire check list for industrial machines.
All industrial machines                          =    All activities    
"  Belt conveyor    "  Spare parts supplying    
"  Bucket elevator    "  Design    
"  Fan    "  Modification and improvements    
"  Bumps    "  Repair and re-condoning    
"  Screw conveyor    "  Overhauling    
"  Air slide    "  Inspection    
"  Compressors and blowers    "  Welding, and Vulcanizing    
"  Gear box and open gears    "  All maintenance and overhauling activities    
"  Steel structure         
"  All machines for cement industry.         
"  All machines for fertilizer industry.         
"  All machines for chemical industry.         
Inspection services beside the visual inspection of girth gears we also apply:
"   Radial and axial run-out
"   Root clearance and backlash measurement.
"  Shell and fixation system for kilns.
"   Mounting flange measurement for ball mills.
"  Temperature and vibration measurements.
"  NDT measurements.    
Installation services for kiln and ball mills, we offer services on open girth gears:
"  Replacement of shell sections below girth gears
"  Installation of girth gear, pinion, fixation system and drives
"  Change or reversal and alignment of girth gear, pinions and drives.    


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Services & solutions
shaft leaser alignment
    repair crack gears
  adjust pinion with shaft
  pump repair & leaser alignment
     Gearbox repair